Q1. Payment Method

We accept payment methods.

For example, visa card, Western Union, etc.

If you want to use Western Union to pay, we will provide you with a corresponding discount. Please consult our customer service for specific values.

Q2. How long does the package take?

We will process it as soon as possible after we receive your payment and complete the order. After 7-15 working days, you will receive the products you want.

Q3. How to track the package I purchased?

After completing the order, you will receive an email containing a confirmation email and a tracking number used to track the package’s shipment.

Q4. How durable is the product?

Like luxury cars, the longer the love doll’s maintenance and storage time, the longer the beauty’s life. The material that makes the love doll feel so realistic also means that the material is more delicate than wood or hard plastic. Treat your dishes like a lady; she will be by your side for many years. For more detailed information about doll care and maintenance, please consult our customer service.

Q5. Is the product safe and reliable?

We use the highest quality materials to provide customized dolls according to your specifications. Please rest assured and we will not use hazardous ingredients or chemicals that can cause harm. Both TPE and silicone are durable, soft, and completely safe, so they will not cause damage when in contact with small parts of the skin and body. The product must be cleaned after each use.

Q6. Is all customer information confidential?

Absolute! We understand that you have trust and confidence in us, and we will stick to it as always. Any detailed information you provide securely stored in our database and no third party can access the data used to find emails or market products. We take your privacy very seriously.

Q6. Will the box indicate that I have purchased a sex doll?

No! Your package will be confidential, and its meaning or source will not be displayed in the box. Only you will know what you are buying.

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